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Pinjaman MBSB

MBSB Personal Financing-i is a public sector personal loan product from MBSB that is Syariah compliant. This Islamic based concept personal loan is unsecured thus no guarantor and collateral is needed. Personal Financing-i is only open to Malaysia public sector servant at an attractive interest rates One can enjoy from 4.5% up to 3.5% p.a fixed interest rate. A borrower can enjoy up to RM 300,000 financing with a maximum 10 years repayment subject to approval and applicant’s credit score.

As of public sector loan, MBSB Personal Financing-i repayment is done via auto salary deduction. Upon successful application of the loan, applicants will have to give permission for auto salary deduction. The maximum deduction would be 70% of salary.


Despite the low advertise interest rates. Financing-i comes with a number of charges

  • RM 120 handling fees
  • RM 4 IBG fees
  • Takaful Contribution

Takaful coverage is compulsory for this loan. The fees would depends very much on age, length and financing amount for the loan.


This product is only available to Malaysian public sector servants. Borrower will need to be a permanent staff with minimum of 1 month service. Applicants must be 19 years to 60 years old maximum at the end of loan tenure.

About MBSB

MBSB or Malaysia Building Society Berhad is rather unique organization. This company is not a financial institution however it is given finance license by Malaysian government. Do remember that MBSB’s financial product is not under the jurisdiction of Bank Negara.